Clearly Psychic (eBook) by Paul Brook Review

If you have any interest in mentalism, Paul Brook is a name you should probably already be very familiar with. He’s a brilliant thinker and quite a prolific publisher of material. This eBook is his take on a Q&A method.

I wasn’t intending to review this little book, just read it and move on, but as I’ve not reviewed anything for a little while and I really enjoyed it. I thought I’d do a quick review of it.


Paul starts with a very thorough deep dive into the history of Question and Answer (Q&A) acts, in fact even if there wasn’t a cunning method explained in Clearly Psychic, I’d still recommend picking this up just for that alone. He certainly didn’t skimp on doing his research.

The Effect:

As Paul points out, the standard method for Q&A acts can have issues, especially with hawk-eyed disruptive people in the audience. Clearly Psychic gives a great insurance policy against this type of person and a few other problems that could arise.

Although you could use Clearly Psychic as your default method, I feel it is far more suited to being a get out of jail free card, and left unused for most of the time. I’m a bold (and sadly bald) performer, but it’s still better to have a safety net and not need it, than to need one and have nothing.

Performance Bonus:

If you are performing away from home (either nationally or internationally) and become separated from your gig bag. Something that happens more frequently than many would think. Everything needed for Clearly Psychic can be sourced locally (pretty much anywhere in the world) very easily allowing you to still perform miracles.

eBook Bonus:

I would have recommended buying this, but as Paul has generously decided to give it away for free, you don’t need to buy anything. Just go to his store, and download it.


There really is no reason not to pick this up. Fine thinking, a great history lesson, and an ideal price. What more could you ask for.

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