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As this is the first blog post here, I suppose I should cover some history. Although The Peoples Palace of Prestidigitation is currently the largest discord server dedicated to magic, we started off as a discord presence for Eduard Todor. Personally, I started off in the rank and file with the general users and when the server started to grow and the call for potential moderators went out; I offered my services.

As the server grew more moderators were added, some of whom are still here. There was a problem though. Eduard was becoming more successful in his career in magic away from YouTube and as he was uploading fewer videos, the activity on the server dropped off as well. We were faced with two options, rebrand and move on, or let the server die and lose the resource it had become.

As you’ve probably already worked out (you clever magician you), we became The Peoples Palace of Prestidigitation, or PPP for short. We brought some new partners on board to join Eduard and we shifted focus from just one creator’s work to magic in general with additional content from all of our partners. This was when I moved from my admin role to server owner.

And that brings us up to where we are now, well over two thousand members, numerous conversations on various forms of magic continuing in the dedicated channels and regular prize competitions being run.

So that’s a VERY brief history of the server, if you want more let me know and I’ll do a more detailed history, but you’d probably need to be a glutton for punishment to want that.

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