PINcredible by Mr Pearl Review

With all the excitement about Kim Andersen’s Shrapnel, I decided to look through some other Safety Pin magic I had and thought this would be a great way to introduce this fantastic little routine to those who missed it the first time around. If I recall correctly, PINcredible was released about five years ago, and although really popular at the time, somehow quickly dropped off the radar.

So What Is PINcredible?

It’s a really elegant and super clean linking pin routine where fully examinable safety pins link and unlink. It’s a relatively short routine, but it’s modular so you can adapt it to fit your needs.

What’s in the box?

You get the tutorial link and two very elegant and ungimmicked safety pins. You don’t have to use these pins as the routine will work with pretty much any safety pins, I never used the supplied pins as I expanded the routine, more about that shortly, but the pins that come with it are really nice.

What is taught?

The tutorial video is just a few seconds short of twenty-one minutes long, but covers everything you need. It shows you how to set up the pins. Some would say gimmick them, but I think that is too strong a word. You aren’t adding or removing anything. It’s just a slight adjustment and they are fully examinable both before and after the routine if you want, and no switches are needed at any point. Obviously, all the moves needed for the routine and the routine itself are taught. The audio is in Korean, but it has English subtitles and the teaching is clear enough for this not to be an issue at all. If you already do a lot of linking pin stuff most of the moves here will already be quite familiar to you, however there is one subtlety that I’ve not seen before that allows for one handed get-ready/clean-up which is really useful to have in your move toolbox.

Thoughts on the release.

It would have been really nice if they offered a separate version at a lower price without the pins as well as the standard release. There are many who will love the pins and want to use them, but I wanted to mix this in with a couple of other things, and making gimmicks out of normal pins is much easier. I don’t think I ever actually used the original pins even in practice. I use a gimmick similar to the Gaetan Bloom Linking Pins gimmick and also added a couple of phases similar to Phantom Pin by Paul Vigil & Tcc when I perform this. Although I also do a routine that uses an Andrus Pin, I don’t use it with this to save swapping pins in and out.


It’s great to have some other really strong magic at your disposal than just cards, coins, and elastic bands. If you are new to linking pins, this would be a really great place to start, pretty much everything you would ever need can be found here. However, if you are familiar with pins and already do a routine with non-gimmicked pins you like, this is probably not worth a purchase.

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