Competition Prizes

Unless a special contest is being run, prize winners normally get to pick their prize from a list. Here is the current list (Check HERE for the current competition):

A ‘Supreme' Lifetime in MagicIan AdairDVD
Akira Fujii's Linking CigaretteAkira FujiiDVD
Alan Alan's Dual Control RevisitedMichael VincentDVD
Amazing Magic & Mentalism Anyone Can Do: Volume 1Jay SankeyDVD
Amazing Magic & Mentalism Anyone Can Do: Volume 2Jay SankeyDVD
Anti-Gravity Coin (Muscle Pass)Kris NevlingDVD
At The Card Table: Volume 1Darwin OrtizDVD
At The Card Table: Volume 2Darwin OrtizDVD
At The Card Table: Volume 3Darwin OrtizDVD
Attack of Monster Mentalism: Volume 1Docc HilfordDVD
Banachek's PSI: Volume 1BanachekDVD
Banachek's PSI: Volume 2BanachekDVD
Banachek's PSI: Volume 3BanachekDVD
Banachek's PSI: Volume 4BanachekDVD
Bar BetchasSimon LovellDVD
Before I ForgetMark ElsonDVD
Best Stand-Up RoutinesJohn RogersDVD
Blindfold TipsJohn ArcherDVD
Book of mirrorsLewis Le ValBook
BookedSteve ValentineDVD
Born to Perform: Card MagicOz PearlmanDVD
Card on CeilingJamy Ian SwissDVD
Card StuntsRich FergusonDVD
Card Tricks Made EasyJerry SadowitzDVD
Card WeaponsBen SalinasDVD
Casino Gambling for the CluelessDarwin OrtizBook
Changeling ODOMarc LavelleGimmicks & Link
ChaoticKieron JohnsonDVD
Chip TricksRich FergusonDVD
Coin Ovations: Stand-Up Coin MagicReed McClintockDVD
Color Monte ProScott AlexanderGimmicks & Link
Completely ColdKenton Knepper & J TankBooklet
Crazy Ball: Original Chop-Cup RoutineBruno CopinDVD
Decoded: Impromptu two-person codingMorgan & West2 disk DVD set
Divine2Stathi ZafDVD
Double TakeGregory WilsonDVD
DoughJay SankeyDVD
Dragon ThreadMike WongDVD
Egg Sausage & Peas: The Mentalist's Cook BookJonathan Royal3 disk DVD set
Egg Sausage & Peas: The Mentalist's Cook BookJonathan Royal4 disk DVD set
Encyclopedia of Thumb Tip MagicGary Darwin3 disk DVD set
Fists of FuryCurtis KamDVD
Flash NinjaTerry CheungGimmick
FlourishesRich FergusonDVD
Freeform MentalismPeter Turner2 disk DVD set
Function(nine)Calen Morelli2 disk DVD set
Get Nyman: Live in LondonAndy Nyman3 disk DVD set
GidrahDan HuffmanDVD
GlimpseMarc SpelmannBooklet and gaffs
Gregory Wilson In Action Volume 1Gregory WilsonDVD
Gregory Wilson In Action Volume 2Gregory WilsonDVD
Gregory Wilson In Action Volume 3Gregory WilsonDVD
Hand Wash Utility TechniqueMike SmithDVD
Hands Off (Any card at any number)Patrick RedfordDVD
Heading North PLUSDavid RegalBooklet and gaffs
Heading North PLUSDavid RegalBooklet and gaffs
Heads Or Tails: Control Over Long DistanceNefeschDVD
HecklerBrian TudorDVD
Heinstein ShuffleKarl HeinDVD
Hit The RoadPaul Wilson & Lee AsherDVD
Hypno Tricks (lecture disk)Jonathan RoyalDVD
In the Beginning There Were CoinsJay NoblezadaDVD
InkedFred DarevilGimmicks & Link
InvisibleJay SankeyDVD
JACK (the Jolly Almanac of Card Knavery)The Burnaby KidBook
Kapow: The Card Magic of Cameron Francis & Liam MontierCameron Francis & Liam Montier2 disk DVD set
L.I.N.T. Pocket Stuff For Close-Up MagiciansJohn LukaBook
Lee Smith's STEP system Vol. 1Lee SmithDVD
Lee Smith's STEP system Vol. 2Lee SmithDVD
Life's a Beach: Volume OneGary JonesBook
Life's a Beach: Volume TwoGary JonesBook
Liquid MetalMorgan StreblerDVD
Live Lecture Vol.1Gary JonesDVD
Live!Luke Jermay2 disk DVD set
Locked in a Room Without CoinsCraig PettyDVD
LoyaltyPaul BrooksGimmicks & Link
Magic & ShowmanshipHenning NelmsBook
Magic Castle: The Inside StoryMilt LarsenDVD
Masterminds: Volume OneCriss AngelDVD
MaterialsSteve Faulkner2 disk DVD set
McMiracles with CardsGeorge McBrideDVD
Mental MagicAl BakerBook
Mental MagicBob CassidyDVD
Million Dollar Card MagicSimon LovellDVD
Million Dollar Secrets with CardsSimon LovellDVD
Mind InvasionMorgan StreblerDVD
Mind Mysteries: Volume 1Richard OsterlindDVD
Mind Mysteries: Volume 2Richard OsterlindDVD
Mind Mysteries: Volume 3Richard OsterlindDVD
Mind Mysteries: Volume 4Richard OsterlindDVD
Mind StuntsPatrik KuffsDVD
Mind Stunts 2Patrik KuffsDVD
Modern Coin MagicBen Salinas4 disk DVD set
Modern Mentalism: V2Matt MelloDVD
MoneyJay NoblezadaDVD
More TricksDavid RegalDVD
Move Zero: Volume 1John BannonDVD
Move Zero: Volume 2John BannonDVD
Ninja+ (volumes one & two)Matthew GarrettDVD
No Cards? No Problem!John CareyDVD
Off The CuffGregory WilsonDVD
On the Bottom DealJerry CamaroDVD
On the PassRichard KaufmanDVD
On The SpotGregory WilsonDVD
On the Zarrow ShuffleHerb ZarrowDVD
Outside The BoxNathan KranzoDVD
Pass With CarePeter CassfordDVD
Personal FXMark Mason & Wayne DobsonGimmick & DVD
PinacleRuss NiedzwieckiDVD
Power Word: FallMatthew SconceDVD
Premise Power & Participation Vol. 1David RegalDVD
Premise Power & Participation Vol. 2David RegalDVD
Premise Power & Participation Vol. 3David RegalDVD
Premise Power & Participation Vol. 4David RegalDVD
PrevaricatorPatrick RedfordDVD
Project Alpha MailHarry Robson & Matthew WrightDVD
Psychokinetic SilverwareGerry & BanachekDVD
Pure FilthDavid RegalBooklet and gaffs
QuarantinedCraig PettyGimmick & DVD
Ramblings from a Suspender… of DisbeliefSteve GoreCD-Rom
Red Streamlined ConvertibleDavid RegalDVD
ReflectionsJohn CareyBook
Restless: Volume 1Dan HaussDVD
Restless: Volume 2Dan HaussDVD
Restless: Volume 3Dan HaussDVD
RogueSteven PalmerDVD
Royal Road to Card Magic: Deluxe EditionRudy Hunter4 disk DVD set
SéanceDixie DooleyDVD
Selenium ShiftChristopher C. Severson & Shin LimDVD
Showoff with CardsMagic MakersDVD
Shuffles & CutsRich FergusonDVD
Siamese TwinsBill GoodwinDVD
Sigillum DiaboliAlan RorrisonDVD
SlimCraig PettyDVD
Slow BurnRichard SandersDVD
Slydini EncoresLeon NathansonCD-ROM containing book
SnappedJustin Flom & The Other BrothersGimmicks & Link
SparksJC JamesDVD
Special DeliveryDavid RegalBooklet and gaffs
Squash!David LoosleyDVD
Standing OvationLarry BeckerDVD
Stealing The Show: The Ultimate pickpochet guideJames FreedmanDVD
Street CupsGazzoDVD
Strike6Matthew J. DowdenDVD
SuperstitionLiam MontierGimmick & DVD
Tarot MagicMatteo FilippiniBooklet
Taylor Made Book TestDavid TaylorDVD
TechniqueMatthew MelloDVD
TempestAndrew NormansellDVD
The “I hate David Copperfield” Trick: A visually stunning 3-card miracleGeoff WilliamsDVD
The Amature Magician's HandbookHenry HayBook
The Art of AstonishmentPaul HarrisDVD
The Band SharkDan HarlanDVD
The Big Book of MagicPatrick PageBook
The Classic PassPaul GreenDVD
The ClassicsGeorge McBrideDVD
The Complete Introduction to Coin MagicMichael AmmarDVD
The Complete Introduction to Coin MagicMichael AmmarDVD
The Cuban Cut (LIVE!)Manuel MartinezDVD
The CullfatherIan MoranDVD
The Daniel Garcia Project Vol. 3Daniel GarciaDVD
The David Williamson ExperienceDavid WilliamsonDVD
The FallLewis Le ValBooklet
The LegendEdward MarloDVD
The Little ThingsAlan RorrisonDVD
The Magic & Mentalism of Barrie Richardson: Volume ThreeBarrie RichardsonDVD
The Magic of Steve Darci: No Filler Vol. 1Steve DarciDVD
The Magic of Steve Darci: No Filler Vol. 2Steve DarciDVD
The Magic of Steve Darci: No Filler Vol. 3Steve DarciDVD
The Manchurian ApproachAnthony Jacquin4 disk DVD set
The Moving Tan LineNathan KranzoDVD
The Nine of DiamondsMark Beecham & Neil StirtonBook
The Pathway to ExcellenceMichael Vincent3 disk DVD set
The Professional Repertoire of Etienne PradierEtienne Pradier2 disk DVD set
The Real Work on Restaurants and BarsJay SankeyDVD
The Royal Road to Card MagicR. Paul Wilson5 disk DVD set
The Samurai's DreamRyan Hayashi2 disk DVD set
The secret of the butterfliesOndřej PšeničkaBook
The Secrets of AlkazarAllan Zola KronzekBook
The Structure of MagicRichard Bandler & John GrinderBook
The Unusual SuspectMatthew WrightDVD
Topit WorkshopBob Fitch3 disk DVD set
TricksDavid RegalDVD
Tricks that will get you PaidGary Norsigian2 disk DVD set
Twister ContinuumStephen TuckerDVD
Twists of FateR. Paul WilsonDVD
Ultimate Coin Magic Collection: Volume 2David RothDVD
Ultimate Coin Magic Collection: Volume 4David RothDVD
UnRipped: A Torn and Restored CardGared CrawfordDVD
Virus CardMark LeveridgeGimmicks & Link
Visual VoodooNathan KranzoDVD
Where in The WorldMark MasonGimmicks & Link
X FingerGeoff WeberDVD
Xposed Thread WorkCarroll BakerDVD

Previous Prizes that have been won:

A Cut Above by Vincent FoyBookSingle Finger Full Cut challenge
Gregory Wilson's On the SpotDVDMay 2019
Jean Hugard's Complete Course in Modern MagicBookJune 2019
Six Pack and High Spots by Caleb WilesBookletJune 2019
Impossible BottleOddityJuly 2019
Impossible BottleOddityJuly 2019
Cheese SelectionFoodAugust 2019
Card Control by Arthur BuckleyBookSeptember 2019
Magic and Showmanship by Henning NelmsBookSeptember 2019
FALL by Banachek and Philip RyanGimmickOctober 2019
Strong Magic by Darwin OrtizBookXmas 2019
Devious Standards by Jamy Ian SwizzBookXmas 2019
The Sheridan Course in Card Manipulation by Jeff SheridanDVD setXmas 2019
Parallels by Think NguyenDVD setXmas 2019
$20 gift card the magic shop of the winners choiceVoucherXmas 2019
Unicorn Coin in Bottle by Nicholas EinhornDVDXmas 2019
Self-Working Mental Magic by Karl FulvesBookXmas 2019
David Regal In The UKDVD setNovember 2019
Fingers of Fury by Alan Rorrison (vols 1 &2)DVD setJanuary 2020
Fingers of Fury by Alan Rorrison (volume one)DVDJanuary 2020
3-month Discord Nitro subscriptionVoucherFebruary 2020
The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading by Ian RowlandBookMarch 2020
$40 credit in the sponsors store: VoucherApril 2020
Classic StudebakerDVDMay 2020
Gary Ouellet's Gypsy ThreadDVD & BookletMay 2020
The Elmsley Count ProjectDVD setJune 2020
Stand Up DobsonDVDJuly 2020
Code Red by Cody NottinghamDVDJuly 2020
Game Changer by Jason LadanyeBookAugust 2020
Fair Play by Steve HaynesGimmick and DVDSeptember 2020
Odyssey by Calen MorelliGimmick and linkSeptember 2020
Easy to Master Mental Miracles by Richard OsterlindDVD setOctober 2020
The Art of Card Splitting by Marty ‘Martini' GramsDVDMembership Drive
The Big Book of Magic by Patrick PageBookNovember 2020
Elegant Deceptions by Michael VincentDVD setMembership Drive
Rhapsodies in Silver and Other Mysteries by Michael VincentDVD setDecember 2020
FALL by Banachek and Philip RyanGimmickDecember 2020
Look No Hands by Wayne DobsonDVDJanaury 2021
The Cardician by Edward MarloDVDFeburary 2021
Frea-Capped by Keron JohnsonGimmick and DVDFeburary 2021
The Master Pushoff by Andi Gladwin2 disk DVD setT-Shirt Design Contest
Coin Ovations: Stand-Up Coin Magic by Reed McClintockDVDMarch 2021
A Call to Palms: An Extensive Treatise on Card Palming by Wesley JamesBookApril 2021
Beyond ESP by Michael MurrayMarked Zener Deck (and booklet)April 2021
Unreal by Bruce BernsteinBookMay 2021
Destroyers by Troy HooserBookJune 2021
Confessions of a Needle Swallower by Steve SpillGimmick & DVDJune 2021
Unreal by Bruce BernsteinBookJuly 2021
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