Review: Bang On by Marc Oberon

OK, I may as well do this one too, I’ve done Card to Pocket by the Other Brothers, and Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven, so here’s Bang On to complete the set. It doesn’t have the card vanishing from the deck part the other two do (well, there is a sort of option to do this, but it isn’t anywhere near as clean as Card to Wallet or Pocket Nightmare), but you could add that yourself easily enough if you wanted to do it in a more effective way than given by Marc. The production of the named card from your pocket, or from an envelope, in a wallet, in your pocket, in this case, is pretty much half-way between Card to Pocket and Pocket Nightmare with a bit of Kolossal Killer thrown in for good measure too. The original version of Bang On required a (very) little bit of arts and crafts, but I think I’ve heard the v2 has everything pre-made and ready to go. As before, I think this would play very well to a lay audience, but I still prefer the Maven version personally. There is a very nice ‘Win a bottle’ presentation included here that would be great for trade shows (where you don’t have to pay for all the bottles you give out) or stage (where you’ll only be giving one away), but probably not a good idea otherwise. It’s several times the price of the other two, so that may be another factor you’ll want to take into account.

If you want to buy this, you can do so HERE.

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