Review: Card To Pocket by The Other Brothers

Card To Pocket by The Other Brothers
I’m not a big fan of this one, I think it would play quite well to most lay audiences, but not magicians. I’m actually quite taken aback at the wild, far from the mark guesses on the Chartreuse Shithouse. I was pretty sure how it worked from the first viewing of the trailer, another couple of watches, and I was 99.999% sure I knew how it worked. There are only a very limited number of way it could be done. Anyway, non-magicians are HIGHLY unlikely to work it out as they don’t have the knowledge we do, there is a risk they could stumble onto to part of the method though, but I think it is quite a small chance, so not worth worrying too much about. The big problem for me is to do this you need two full decks and another ‘item’ and that’s a HELL of a lot of pocket space to give up for one single relatively quick trick. We all have different performance requirements, so it may not be an issue for you, but personally, I can think of far better things to fill that space. The routine (well trick) is well thought out, and intelligently structured so you don’t have to rush the one part that is likely to worry magicians who don’t have a lot of experience with this utility under their belts. And the teaching is completely fine. I think the reactions in the trailer were genuine and you could expect to get the same with this, it’s just too much bulk for me.

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