Review: Look No Hands by Wayne Dobson

Wayne Dobson noticed around the year 2000 that his right hand was becoming weaker, so he set out to devise effects and
routines that only required the use of his left hand. In the 2008, he started to develop routines and effects that were totally ‘Hands Off'. The one condition he set himself, in developing these routines, was that just because the method was ‘Hands Off' the effect wouldn't be diluted – in fact, if anything, it would become stronger! This DVD is the result of that.

The great thing about the stuff on this DVD is as it's hands off, there are no tricky sleights to worry about so pretty much anybody can do them. Some need a little memory work and/or mental arithmetic, but nothing to the level where it should put you off doing any of them. It's mainly card magic, but that's not all that's on offer. There is a nice prediction effect using pocket change and a colour divination using mini-Sharpies (or full sized ones if you want).

The version of Out of this World included is likely to gain a lot of fans. Personally, I'm not going to replace my current impromptu version with it, but I can see a lot of people preferring this to what they currently use. It's also different enough from the standard version for many to not notice it's the same effect.

McDobson’s Aces is another I can see lots of magicians really loving. It's Wayne's take on the McDonald's Aces plot, but as with the rest of the project, it's the spectator that does all the magic. To pinch a line from the DVD, There's nothing two faced about this trick!

Another great one is Birthday Card, which if memory serves was released as a standalone product in its own right. The performer uses his birthday card to find the spectator’s birthday card, followed up with a nice kicker.

Lucky Card is probably the hardest of the set to do, but it still should be well within the grasp of most performers. It's my personal favorite of all the offerings, and I look forward to trying it out once we can get out performing again. For me, this one trick is worth the price of the set on its own.

At 12 minutes shy of two hours and presented by Michael Sullivan, Gary Jones, and Peter Nardi, you certainly get your money's worth. Despite it being Wayne's material, he makes no appearance himself, which is a shame. This is a DVD that's well worth picking up for any magician looking for interesting new material.

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