Review: Stand Up Chinese Hole by Mario Lopez

Stand Up Chinese Hole by Mario Lopez
This is a fun little Ambitious Coin Routine from the always fantastic Mario Lopez. It’s also really easy to do, there is only one move that although not really hard, is more difficult than the other moves, but it’s done on a total offbeat so even if you’re not 100% comfortable with it, you’ll probably still be fine, it happens after the spec thinks you’ve finished so the heat is entirely off as until you go into the final phase it looks like you are just putting the coins away. You’ve got the option of getting just the download, or the download with the coins you need. Unless you are 100% sure coins you already have will work, I’d recommend against just going for the download, the coins aren’t gimmicked in any way, but the sizes matching is important. I don’t think minds will be totally blown with this, but would make for a really nice augmentation to an existing coin routine.

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