Trojan Deck by Joshua Jay Review

When Joshua Jay releases something, there is always quite a buzz in the magic community about it. The Trojan Deck is his new matching deck effect. I wasn’t planning to do a review of it, but as there has been so much chatter about it on the server, I thought I had better write a few lines.

Even though it’s called Trojan, I’m going to try to avoid condom and sex jokes, but that’s going to be really HARD! Damn it, I’ve failed already!

So what is The Trojan Deck?

It’s being marketed as a matching card effect that matches the whole deck, and many people love that type of thing and fair play to them, but I think it is far better as a utility. Once you separate the method from the plot, you have something infinitely more useful in my eyes. I’m not a big fan of matching deck stuff, so I am a little biased though.

Joshua claims it is very personal to him, I’m sure it is, but as that claim is made about whatever he happens to be selling at the time, I’m going to take the claim with a pinch of Lott’s wife. He also claims this is the first time he has shared it, however I know of at least two other places he has taught it, and would not be surprised if there were more. This is, as far as I know, the first time he has sold it as a complete package with all you need together in one bundle though.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of the matching deck plot, at least it is actually magic, unlike Joshua’s last release Balance. That was just a stunt. So this will fit with stuff you are already doing much more easily.

Is the Trailer/Ad Copy honest?

Yes, there are a lot of people insisting that it HAS to be a deck switch, but it really isn’t. You make use of a clever utility, but there really isn’t a deck switch. Yes, you could construct a similar effect using one, but that isn’t what happens here. The ad copy also says it’s easy to perform, which is also true. Some may be worried about ‘doing the business’ but the move is both well covered and justified, so other than magicians guilt getting in the way, nothing to worry about.

What does Joshua teach?

The run time of the tuition video is ten minutes shy of an hour. In one of the other places he teaches this (mentioned above) he does it in just fifteen minutes, so he’s not cutting corners here. He covers the decks, the gimmick, and how to set everything up. Joshua goes through the matching deck routine. He teaches a couple of false cuts and shuffles and talks about other ideas the gimmick could be used for.

I actually like the multiple card selection idea much more than the matching deck routine, but it’s a very versatile gimmick and I’m sure I’ll be coming up with plenty of other uses for it too, and I’m sure you will as well.

He also talks about the kicker and justifies why he does it, but also admits many won’t like it and it is completely fine to leave off if you don’t choose to include it.


Am I going to perform it as sold? Unless a client specifically requests it or something very similar, no. I can’t see myself performing this. That said, I have no doubt I will be using the gimmick for other things. It’s currently retailing at $75.00, so you’ll want to make sure it is something you’ll use if you do go for it. If it is something you’d do, I’m sure it will serve you very well.

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